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Yvonne Garbett - the right lawyer for you!

Someone gets arrested or you need to sue someone, but you don't know who to call.  An emergency arises and then they scramble trying to find someone good. Do you let your "fingers do the walking" and pick one "blind" out of the phone book?  NO NO NO!  That could be the equivalent of legal Russian Roulette when your liberty or access to your children or assets are at stake!  You could ask family or friends, but sometimes when someone is arrested - it's embarrassing and you would rather not share your personal business!  You need an attorney whom you can trust, who will give you sound advice and always put your interests first.   It's critical, because often the most important role that an attorney can play is that of a confidential and trusted counselor.
   The majority of my clients are sent to me from their friends.   They send them to me because they know how I handled their case and that's the best advertising an attorney can have!  No matter what your legal problem is - call me and I will do what I can to help, even if it is not my practice area I can point you in the right direction. 

Criminal Law:

Whether you need help with a DWI, misdemeanor, felony, violation/traffic matter, I am committed to providing my clients with the knowledge, integrity & skill they need to fully protect their interests.  People never imagine they will be arrested & charged with a crime.  The truth is that anyone can be arrested! Choosing an attorney who will aggressively assert your rights, listen to you & make sure that all the facts are investigated is critical to minimizing the risk you will be convicted of an offense.  If your family member is not an American citizen, the consequences are compounded and you need an attorney who understands the complexities of how criminal and immigration law is now intertwined. Help is just a phone call away!

Matrimonial & Family Court Matters:

When two people divorce - there are no winners, especially if there are children involved.  I am dedicated to fighting for and protecting your own and your children's best interest.  I make every effort to negotiate an amicable and fair settlement.  I try, if possible, to avoid escalating tension and hostilities, which equates into escalating costs for both parties. I always strive for settlement, but my first resolve is always to fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

Communication & Compassion: 

All of my client’s have my cell phone number.  Why?   Because my client’s are important to me and they should feel comfortable that if something happens and they have an emergency – they can reach me even if its on the weekend or at night to get the advice they need. Ninety-five percent of my clients are from word of mouth so having a satisfied customer base is my number one priority. 

Call Yvonne Garbett today:

Whether you need a criminal defense attorney for help with a
DWI, misdemeanor or felony, or a simple traffic ticket; or if you need help with a Divorce Action or Family Court (Custody, Neglect, Child Support or Modification of Support) question, I am committed to providing my clients with the knowledge, integrity and skill they need to fully protect their interests, and doing so at a reasonable and competitive fee.  My office handles criminal defense, matrimonial and family court matters,  real estate and civil litigation.  Call me if you have a legal problem or even if you would like to have a consult, so you know that if a problem should arise you have an attorney just a phone call away who is ready to fight for you!

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